Our Current Projects

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Day in and day out, we watch our husbands put on a soft armored “ballistic vest” before their shift. Many of us think this vest is bullet proof, it is not. The reality is that this vest will only stop most hand gun rounds, but it will not stop rifle and shotgun rounds. It is a terrible thing to think about but in this day and age, our police are facing more and more ambush, and active shooter scenarios. Many of these suspects are armed with rifles, and officers without outside body armor are left unprotected.


There needs to be a hard armor, steel plated vest in EVERY patrol car. The Blue Line Ladies foundation is currently working with departments in Northern Utah to supply these vests. Please donate and help protect our protectors!


 Police Officers are almost always first on the scene, without proper protection. 

We are currently partnering with Davis County Sheriff’s office to provide vests for each of their deputies. Our goal is to have hard armor vests for these deputies. Davis County contains 99 public schools and 12 private schools. In the event of an active shooter in these schools, the deputies and officers that respond will be better armed to protect the children and teachers.