More About Outer Vests

What is an Hard/Outer Armor vest and how does it differ from the standard issued “bullet-proof” vest?


Standard issue vests for most police officers are a level IIIA, the first vest on the graphic above. These vests are worn underneath their uniforms everyday. They protect officers against the average handgun. However, anything that has a larger caliber than a 44 Magnum (ie: hunting rifles, shotguns, assault rifles etc.) will not be stopped by a level IIIA vest. When a situation arises and a police officer is called to an incident involving a larger weapon, they must go in unprotected.

We at Blue Line Ladies want to change that. There is a way to protect any officer from the larger weapons. This requires a level III+ vest also known as a hard or outer armor vest. A hard armor vest is worn over the top of a uniform but is not worn all the time. This vest will remain in an officer’s vehicle until it is needed. Then, the vest can be placed over their current vest giving added protection against dangerous situations. Blue Line Ladies aims to provide police officers everywhere with the AR550 Level III+ vest.

Unlike a level IIIA vest, which expires every five years, the III+ vest does not expire and is available at a fraction of the cost.

Police Officers will never turn down a call because they don’t have the protection for it. They will go in and do everything they can to help and protect the people that need it. But should we expect them to have to do so knowing they are not protected? They do their job to protect us, let’s give back and protect them. Donating a vest can save a life.