Donations Made

Davis County and Roy City Donations

In the Spring of 2019, Blue Line Ladies donated trauma plates to the 45 deputies of Davis county and the 35 officers of Roy city. These trauma plates, weighing less than a pound, can be worn in conjunction with an officers current body armor. Having extra protection that is lightweight allows the officer to wear this at all times. Each Trauma plate stops all Rifle and Shotgun rounds as well as other select large ammunition.

Blue Line Ladies co-founder and vice President Aly stated “We realized we needed something that these guys never had to take off. That they could basically always wear and not have to worry about whether or not they remembered to grab it before the situation called for it. It’s just there”

Partnering with Accushape Armor, the Blue Line Ladies are able to provide these plates to multiple agencies in northern Utah. Lydia, President of the non-profit, is humbled by the gratitude of these departments. “We literally have guys so excited they keep hugging us.” She recalls, “This is such a huge need among officers in Utah and it just makes me so glad that we are able to even put a little dent in helping fill the need.”

The Blue Line Ladies have plans to donate to three more agencies this fall. There is no slowing them down, they are determined to protect every single officer in the state of Utah-and beyond.

Weber County Donations

On December 5th, 2017 Blue Line Ladies, a local non-profit, presented the Weber County Sheriff’s office with 44 steel plated vests. These vests have a special function of improving protection for officers in active shooter situations. The Blue Line Ladies foundation raised over $10,000 from the generous support of individuals and businesses around Weber County.

Blue Line Ladies was started in Weber County and is staffed by volunteer wives of police officers. These ladies spent their summer hosting fundraisers and soliciting businesses for donations. Many businesses in Weber county were eager to show their support for their local police officers. Blue Line Ladies also strives to connect with the community and participates in, and hosts, many service events and community functions.

“As we met with different agencies, we discovered a large need state wide for Steel plated vests.”, explains Lydia Hebdon, director of Blue Line Ladies. “As wives of officers, we wanted to do more than watch our husbands go to work every day. We wanted to help them somehow.” Blue Line Ladies has made it their goal to provide a vest for every officer in the state of Utah.

Hebdon also said, “I was amazed at the generosity of the people in Weber county. We got a lot of donations from individuals, but surprisingly most of the donations came from small businesses. We are so grateful for all of the help.”

Steel plated vests are outer vests worn over the uniform and only when needed. They protect against large handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The vests the deputies currently wear will not protect them from these threats.

Lt. Burns with the Weber County Sheriff’s office said: “All of us have very tight budgets. When any of our local organizations, in this case Blue Line Ladies, steps in to assist it is appreciated. Without this amazing donation our officers would have to go without this life saving equipment”.

The 44 vests donated to Weber County Sheriff’s office were used to equip the School Resource officers, and most of the patrol deputies. The Sheriff Office still needs 35 vests to fully equip the rest of their deputies. Blue Line Ladies will continue to fundraise until they meet this goal.

To view a video of the presentation to the county commissioners go HERE

The presentation starts at minute 8.

Thank you for your continued support.