About Us

Meet the Founders:

Lydia and Aly

Lydia and Aly were bonded together by their love for Police officers and the help they give the community.  Each and every day they go fight against a world of crime.  These men are superheros in their eyes. Unfortunately, unlike superheros,police officers can get extremely hurt if not protected properly.

The problem:  A lot of police departments and offices do not have the funding to provide all the necessary gear for their officers. They do the best they can but sometimes things can’t get covered.

Their solution:  Step in and help.  Lydia and Aly decided to become a part of the solution.  So many families need extra protection for their officers.  Help save a life and help make a difference!  Join them on this journey!

Our Team:



I’ve always had law enforcement in my life. Whether it be my uncle, being fascinated by the lights zooming by me, or my husband. I’ve always loved law enforcement. But I’ve always known how dangerous it is as well. All my life I tried to think of ways to help law enforcement and other than taking random officers I pass on my way home hot cocoa, I couldn’t think of a good enough way to help that I would actually be capable of doing. When I heard about Blue Line Ladies and their goal to provide a steel plated vest to every officer in the state of Utah, I knew that this was the way I could help. Being part of the Blue Line Ladies means so much to me because it makes my family, other families, and the Blue Line Family safer every day.


Fundraiser Chair

From serving in the military to serving with the sheriffs office my husband has always been at the front end of helping others. I quickly realized that even those who go out everyday to help others are in harms way, including my husband. I want to make sure these men and women have the best chances and that the odds fall in their favor. This organization does just that by providing the best protection that’s out there while still allowing them to serve and protect others.


I am grateful for Blue Line Ladies and the drive and desire we have to help the men and women in law enforcement come home to their loved ones. I love the friendships I have received  for being apart of this group. I am learning more about myself and the skills I have that I did not know about before. It feels so empowering to know that this group is doing so much for these men and women to keep them safe. I feel blessed to be apart of something so important.